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2016 My Year in Review

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2016 is almost over and I felt like writing again (which happens quite rarely). Trying to recollect few of the highilghts of this year, which was full of surprises, excitement and challenges.

Jan '16: Launched DTU Mart, which is an online portal I made for my college students to exchange books with each other. It was such a thrill to launch another website. It received 200+ ads in the first 3 weeks of launch only, and gained great response.

DTU Mart webpage

Went a little light with publicity later, which I guess will have to work upon.

Feb '16: Finished reading the "A Song of Ice and Fire" book series, which I started in the preceding December. I have no words to explain how awesome the book series was, and how it blew me away. Unable to wait for the next book, The Winds of Winter, I still re-read the whole series again & again.

April '16: New guitar :)

Acousic Guitar

After rocking on my electric guitar for the past years, it was time for some acoustic tunes.

Jun-Aug '16: Amazon Internship

Had an amazing time during my internship at Hyderabad. It was a great learning, networking, lots-of-new-things moment. (more about it on my previous Blog post )

What added to the joy was the fact that I also received a PPO from Amazon, at the end of my intern.

Sep '16: New Bicycle ;)


Firefox Cyclone D 26. Oh the joy of riding it.

Dec '16: Started working as a Teaching Assistant at Coding Ninjas. Also a great experience.

sigh. feeling lazy to add more content. Guess I'll leave it to that. So long, 2016.

I don't make new year resolutions, I just the moment.

Happy New Year, folks.