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Hyderabad Moments Amazon Internship

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My 2 month internship at Amazon was an amazing experience and a new phase, be it living separately for the first time in a different city, or my first ever internship/job experience.

Hyderabad turned out to be a pretty nice place to be in. Our stay for the first two weeks of the internship was taken care of at a Guest House. It was located in Telecom Nagar and turned out to be much better than our expectations. We were each given lavish rooms and great facilities.

Stay at the Guest house

However, after two weeks of relaxed stay at the Guest House, it was hard to adapt to the conditions of PG, which we found in a nearby place only.

Straight from the beginning, the weather in Hyderabad was actually much colder than anticipated. It was the time for rains and cold winds. The fan speed in our room never exceeded 1 and we used geysers/heating rods for daily baths.


I also made the most of my time at my workplace, besides work, meeting new people, trying different things from the cafeteria everyday and playing pool.....hell lot of pool. After two months of practice I'm now a semi-pro in pool.

My work desk
Amazon office on the right

Being a sports lover, I liked the fact that my team indulged in a lot of sports activities too. Every Saturday (and most of Wednesdays) they would go out to play Badminton in the academy. Those were some great times too.

Staying in a Hostel/PG was a completely different experience. With all college friends in the surrounding rooms, the time spent was great, and my roommate turned out to be a pretty chill guy. Turned out, we had the same taste in music, liked playing cricket and.....loved eating cheetos. One thing I ate the most throughout the 2 months would be Cheetos I'm pretty sure. We even bought a cricket ball and would play cricket in our PG's common area.

PG Room. All day playing songs through our TV
Back view

The times spent were memorable...the people, the places, and moments with the friends. I remember on my last week of the internship, we ended playing table tennis till 5 in the morning in the office, while the next day I was supposed to complete and submit my Self Review doc. Great times!