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Migrating to Hugo

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Back in 2015 I kicked off blogging when I discovered Octpress. It has been a great journey in my writing experience. I had started it to mostly comprise of technical articles. But over the time it evolved to be a collection of articles around productivity, projects and my life's events as well (a journal of sorts), besides just the tech articles that I write.

What gives me high is the tremendous response I get on my website. Glad to know that I'm able to contribute with my content.

I just migrated to Hugo as framework for building my static site. There hasn't been much progress with Octopress officially since its 2.0 came out way back. I thought it would be good to explore and try out new frameworks out there. While there are many comparable ones, I settled with Hugo. I'm yet to explore its full potential and the features it offers.

While migrating, I could not really make my mind on what theme to use from the hundreds of them available. I needed something plain and simple, and at the same time aesthetically appealing. Even in my previous Octopress based site, I was using my own theme to make it look the way I wanted. Finally I settled on this theme called hugo-theme-chunky-poster which I liked. I'm using my own fork of the theme to build my site.


It was a bit time consuming to migrate due to some of the differences in the markdown formats (like embedding images) and due to extensive use of my own custom HTMLs in some of my posts. Even now, I'm yet to complete building some of my pages like the Projects and Music covers.

Well, that's all. I hope I continue to write for the joy and learnings it offers. I also really like reading others' blog articles, so if someone in my network is also into writing, please comment your blog link below :)

I also went through my very first blog post just now, and reflected upon how things have unfolded. A big hug to Octopress :)