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Migrating to NextJS

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It has been three years, and I hadn't migrated my blog to yet another platform?

(Just kidding, I was on my last platform for at least 4 years)

But this time it is something different. Now this looks promising. Something I may hold on to for a very long time.

It's none other than NextJS

I enjoy learning React and I'm just amazed by its community's growth. People are building some of the most amazing libraries in Node. There's some satisfaction in writing JSX elements in Typescript, and letting React do the magic.

NextJS is gaining a lot of popularity and has surpassed most of the React/JS frameworks. Personally I wanted to get back to web app development as well, and this looked pretty interesting. It was even better when I found that people are genrating their static sites using NextJS. And I just had to do it as well.

When I discovered the tailwind-nextjs-starter-blog template, I was excited to get started with it. That template has a lot of features that one would want in their blog. It's using some of the coolest libraries (Loving the Cmd+K command pallete search). For themeing it's using Tailwind CSS, which is simply an amazing CSS framework to styles your sites.

I'm looking forward to customizing my site further. Add some more features, and tweak some UI (Do let me know if anyone has any thoughts regarding some of the features/components you'd want in a site/blog). But most importantly, do more writing. I had some thoughts around some of my future posts. Hope to get back on to writing more often.