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My Own Octopress Theme and Other Blog Updates


Recently, I have been doing a lot of changes in my blog's layout and pages, to incorporate better readability, good looking pages and make it less cramped.

Mid-way I realised that it would be nice if I also made my theme available for use to other octopress bloggers. So instead of doing changes to my own site, I started working on creating a theme module, which any octopress user can install on his/her site instantly.

Customizing and installing themes in Octopress is really simple.

Earlier I was using a 3rd party theme called octostrap3, and I had done a lot of modifications in it to suit my needs.

The final result ended up in a much different (and better) looking theme which I compiled to create my own theme module, and called it Abacus.

I chose the name Abacus such that my theme appears on the top in the list of 3rd party Octopress themes, where they are arranged in alphabetical order. Plus it sounds cool.

The theme is available at: Abacus.

I had also done several other changes to my own site and created some more pages like:

Here are 2 screenshots of the Abacus theme (in case I'm using some other theme in the future):




Well...that's all for this post.