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Starting Django Project

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I had learnt the django framework basics quite a while ago, but never worked on or made a complete functional project.

To kick off, I'm starting a basic Q&A app using django, and plan to learn along with the challenges I face, and discover new stuff.

Now, I don't know much about other frameworks available, but I believe that django provides the best technique to handle the databases required and makes complicated db design a piece of cake. However, it is also important to understand how they work at the SQL level, to better understand what we are doing.

Moreover, programming in python makes our code clean and formatted, allows easy debugging and modifications.

For me, I only like handling the backends of a website, while the templates or webpage/layout designing is not really my cup of tea.

That's right. Made a rough ER diagram also ;)

So I hope this would be a good start, and I plan to create some more stuff and apps in the future that could be useful to people in some way.